Inline post carbon granular GAC-filter contains coconut shell activated carbon is an important and final stage in any reverse osmosis system as it make sure water is crystal clear and fresh.

Inline post carbon granular activated filter work as a polishing or refreshing filter after the water has been pure and safe for drinking by passing through all reverse osmosis stages.


Inline post carbon granular filter performs removal of undesired smell and taste from water and works as sediment as well to provide flawless, clean from chlorine and contamination and best tasty water to drink.

5 Micron.

Maximum working temperature 75 Celsius.

Most widely used Carbon Block filter in the world.

NSF Certified and WQA Gold Seal Certified.

Manufactured using FDA-compliant materials.

Instructed to change every 1200Gallons-1500 Gallons 8-9 month because of Middle East’s high temperature tap water.

10” industry standard size.